The first document is the report after observing and evaluating the system.  A scan of the paper prototype and all of its components is included below that.
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Add New Class
Delete a Class
Change categories and weights
Change Existing Weight
Add delete or modify grades
Calculate required grades based on desired final grade
Tasks and Roles
Dennis: Business analyst, Graphical designer, web developer

Mitch: Business analyst, Graphical designer

Rich: Business analyst, Editor

    The overall interface is where you can see all of your classes and selecting one will bring it up to the bigger window in the foreground. When it is in the foreground you have the ability to add grades, delete grades, and change the name and other fields. Clicking on one of the blank ones will open a window to start a new class. The main menu is the main navigation and where you add, delete, and modify classes. From within each class you can modify each area for grades and each individual grade. When changing classes there will be a zoom in animation to bring the new class to the foreground.
    The landing page has the classes for the user around the edge with a welcome message and short instructions for getting started. Clicking a class will get rid of the welcome message and replace it with the class information.
Dialog boxes will appear over the foreground image and have to be closed before further interaction with the system. Smaller errors may just clear the field with a message next to it.

Usually to add new fields there will be a plus sign near it and removing them will have an X in the upper right corner.

Use cases

  1. A user has just started a new semester and wants to add his new classes to the grade book interfaces

  2. A user has passed the final exam for a class and wants to remove information pertaining to the class and his grades from the grade book

  3. A user wants to input the different weights associated with the different parts of the grade breakdown for the class

  4. A user got a grade back on a homework and wants to add it to the aggregate total for the course

  5. A user has a number of grades inputted and wants to know what their final grade would be as if grades were closed that day

  6. A user has inputted a number of grades and has an idea for the final grade they would like to achieve. They want to know from this information what they will need to get on the subsequent assignments to achieve their goals

Gradebook used by teachers in high school/ middle school before it was automated
Spreadsheet used by some people for calculating it
Add a grade is a plus with a picture of a page
Add class is a paper and pencil with a plus
Deletion is the same with a red minus symbol
Calculate grade looks like a calculator

Mitch: Diagram design and completion, business analyst
Dennis: Use cases, Roles, web design, business analyst
Rich: Metaphors, business analyst