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For the latest iteration of our team project we gave the interface to naive users and asked them to accomplish a series of tasks that we have tested previously with paper prototypes. The users did not have any experience with user experience and had never seen this version before. They provided a lot of good feedback and helped find areas for improvement.

One of the most obvious ones was that there is no way to see your cumulative grade for a class but this is a design issue and the prototype has not worked out all the bugs. It was not implemented in this iteration but will be. We focused on cosmetic issues like fixing text placement and wording at first to get some quick fixes to important areas. The larger issues are under development and will be ready eventually. This iteration includes foundations for these features such as button locations and text sections but not substantial use. We tried to guide the users as little as possible but inevitably there was some influence that altered the testing portion slightly. There was some initial confusion about the task wording that we were able to get around without too much influence. When they got into using the system it became apparent to us where they fell short even if they could not immediately see it. They would have to search around or click the wrong button for totally understandable reasons that made us think more carefully about some of our design decisions. By the end we had a lot of great insight as to what people in the field would actually do and by being able to observe them we were able to make a lot of helpful improvements

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